UK based competition BBQ team. Hot and cold smoking, charcuterie & general food fanciers.
The BBQ Barons are Tom and Gareth, a couple of old school friends who have been cooking together for over twenty years.

Cooking outdoors for family and friends on the BBQ has been a long standing passion, and like most of the BBQ fraternity is something that continues all year round.

A few years ago after meeting UK BBQ Godfather John Hargate and trying his incredible food, we discovered the wonders of American style Low ‘n’ Slow ‘Q. We quickly got ourselves a couple of smokers and started practicing. We originally set up our BBQ Barons Twitter page, as a way of sharing photos of our cooks with friends, but soon found our number of followers growing far and wide. On the back of this, we decided to set up our food blog, bbqbarons.com, which we launched back in January.

The blog gives us an opportunity to record and share some of our cooking adventures throughout the year. There are some classic recipes in there, but we also love nothing more than experimenting with different flavour profiles and cuts of meat, always learning by trying out new combinations and techniques.

It’s not solely about grilling and smoking, there are guides on cold smoking, sausage making and basic charcuterie – home cured salmon, cold smoked butter and whisky oak smoked bacon are some of our favourites.

Whatever we’re cooking, our philosophy is to source the highest quality ingredients and to make as much of what goes into our food from scratch as we can.

It’s fair to say we’re only occasional competitors, but have managed to compete at a handful of KCBS and IBQN comps as well as a few Grillstocks. It’s been a great learning curve to compete against so many talented and experienced cooks over the last few seasons; you pick up so many helpful tips along the way. We’ve had some respectable results, our best being Reserve Grand Champions at Grillstock 2017 (1st place in the Chicken round!). 

However, competition BBQ is not just about competing. It’s a fantastic opportunity to catch up with friends, old and new. Anyone on the UK BBQ scene will tell you that they feel part of a wider community. Social media helps to forge great friendships online, and competition weekends are the perfect time to meet and catch up with like minded people for a couple of beers.

Get in touch!

Email: bbq.barons@gmail

Twitter: @BBQ_barons

Facebook: BBQ Barons

Instagram: bbq_barons

All images and content on this website are the property of BBQ Barons and are not to be used without express permission



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